UK teen accused of throwing acid on moped riders in attempt to steal their bikes

LONDON (WSVN) — British police have arrested a teenage boy after they say he threw acid on multiple delivery drivers in an attempt to steal their mopeds.

According to Metropolitan Police, 17-year-old Derryck John threw acid on six victims in the span of 90 minutes.

Police said John and another suspect would ride up to moped riders and throw acid in their faces, before trying to take off with their bikes. The pair was successful in two of the incidents, while they left empty-handed the other four times.

All of the victims were taken to area hospitals. Two victims remain hospitalized. One victim, Jabed Hussain, told the Independent he was working for UberEats at the time. Hussain said his now-melted helmet deflected the acid and saved his life. However, he said he can’t work because he accidentally inhaled water tainted with acid after he washed his face.

“Derryck John did not think twice about using a life changing and even potentially life-threatening substance against those who resisted his robbery attempts,” said Deputy Sgt. James Leeks.

John pleaded guilty to 12 charges, including several robbery charges and six counts of throwing a corrosive substance with intent to disable, maim, disfigure or do grievous bodily harm.

“I’m terrified of the sentence that I will receive and I’m very sorry for what I did and realize I will receive a significant sentence of imprisonment,” John said in a note written to the court.

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