US Air Force father and son get priceless surprise during training

(WSVN) - It isn’t unusual for a U.S. Air Force colonel to train alongside a U.S. Air Force senior airman, but for two men stationed out in Oklahoma, the moment was a long time coming.

According to Fox News Insider, Col. Craig Peters, 940th Air Refueling Wing commander, got the chance to refuel the C-17 Globemaster III that his son, Senior Airman Brendin Peters, the 317th Airlift Squadron loadmaster, was training in.

And it wasn’t planned.

“The whole event was by chance,” said Col. Peters. “I have been trying to get this course done for the past eight months and my son was just picked up last-minute.”

The moment was a special one for sure, especially for Col. Peters. When the colonel first started with the U.S. Air Force, his son wasn’t even born. And now, they were training together.

“I always assumed we would get this opportunity, but we didn’t get word about it until the morning of the training,” Col. Peters said. “This truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to do this. I was proud knowing that he was in the other aircraft doing his job. When I first came to Altus AFB back in 1991, he wasn’t even born and now we are both training here and that’s remarkable.”

But for his son, it was just another day in training.

“It didn’t faze me with him being in the other aircraft because I grew up with him always being around me, and this was just another one of those times,” he said.

Col. Peters said he couldn’t help but get emotional. He was just so filled with patriotism and pride.

“To think that your son or daughter is involved with you in a situation like this is a special feeling,” he said. “The whole thing is overwhelming if you think about it in depth. We were both 21,000 feet in the air and only 10 feet apart doing two different jobs for the Air Force.”

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