(WSVN) - There will be plenty of well-protected eyes to the sky for Monday’s solar eclipse. But the only way to make the moment last forever is with a perfect picture.

From amateurs to professionals, everyone with an interest in photography is looking forward to taking the perfect shot of the eclipse that’s crossing over North America on April 8.

“I’ve heard of eclipses as a kid, I never thought I’d see one,” said Associated Press photographer Julio Cortez. “And then when I saw it for myself, I understood. I understood what the hype is about.”

But as people turn their cameras towards the sun, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind.

“Most important thing I tell people is you really have to be mindful of the safety,” Cortez said. “You have to have the right equipment.”

Photographers with professional cameras must get a special lens, while a more affordable option is to make your own.

“I use cardboard, Styrofoam and a sheet of filter that you can get pretty inexpensively,” Cortez said.

And if you’re just using your phone to capture the eclipse.

“Because of the lens is so small, you can just do this,” Cortez said.

Now, for the fun part, Cortez explains how people could take the perfect shot.

“You want to get the beginning, middle and end,” he said. “The absolute middle part of the eclipse is what people call the diamond ring effect. There’s just a little bit of flare and it looks like a diamond.”

If you have a professional camera, experts say you need to pay attention to the settings. You want to have a high aperture, between F/11 to F/16, to make things sharper.

For light, you want to set up your ISO at 1250 with a shutter speed of 500th of a second. And whether you’re going all in, or just using your phone.

“What’s really important is you want to have your camera steady. So a tripod is best,” Cortez said.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to look at the people around you.

“Just enjoy the moment, you know, enjoy the people you’re, you’re around with,” Cortez said. “You’re sharing an experience that you’ll remember forever.”

And if you want to get that perfect shot of the eclipse, Monday will be your best chance because the next time we’ll see a total-solar eclipse crossing over the United States will be on Aug. 23, 2044.

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