Three men help fellow runner cross half-marathon finish line

PHILADELPHIA (WSVN) — Three men are being credited for their willingness to help a fellow runner in need.

Fox 29 was covering the Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon when their cameras came upon a young woman struggling to finish the race. Although she was within sight of the finish line, her legs started to give out.

That’s when three runners decided to help the woman along, sacrificing their own finishing times. Bryan Crnkovic and another unidentified man wearing a blue shirt grabbed the woman before she fell to the ground.

The two helped her along until a third runner, Joseph McGinty, picked the woman up and carried her 100 yards to the finish line. They said she then got to cross the line and finish on her own.

McGinty and Crnkovic told Fox 29 they weren’t trying to beat any records for the race, and just wanted to help someone who appeared to be in pain.

After crossing the finish line, medics brought a wheelchair for the woman.

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