Texas theater serves unlimited wine, allows customers to bring their dogs

PLANO, Texas (WSVN) — A lot of dog owners would love to take their canine companions with them wherever they go, so a Texas movie theater is letting them bring their best friends to enjoy a film together.

K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas is giving pet owners the perfect setting to kick back, relax and enjoy a film with their furry ones.

The cinema allows pet owners to bring their dogs along for the film and offers couches to lounge on with your pet and treats for the dogs. The theater also offers unlimited wine.

There are a few rules, however. Owners must clean up after their furry friends, you must provide valid papers showing that your dogs are up to date on their shots and only two dogs are allowed per customer.

The theater shows older releases instead of new films, but they also have themed nights like “bring your dog to church night” and “karaoke margarita night.”

According to Fox 13, tickets start at $5 for dogs, $9 for kids and $12.50 for adults.

For more information on the theater, click here.

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