Texas homeowner warns intruder while holding gun in video

MCKINNEY, TX (WSVN) – A woman who discovered an intruder trying to break into her Texas house took to social media with her message.

That mother, Maria Luce, posted a video online after the incident and wasn’t afraid to show that she’s armed if that intruder decided to return.

The video was shared thousands of times on social media.

“Just to make something clear to the kid who broke into my home tonight. I’m not sure if you know what this is, but I am locked and loaded,” she said in the video while holding a gun.

Her home surveillance camera captured the scene as someone tried to break into her house.

“I am face to mask with the intruder,” Luce said.

She said her luck was both good and bad. She walked up just as the burglar was walking into her home, outside of Dallas, Texas.

“They opened the door, all in black and a mask, step in my home, see me and turn and run,” Luce said. “Had it been two seconds earlier, he would have been upstairs with my children.”

She said she had a feeling that the attempted robber wanted pricey Kanye West shoes called Yeezys, which her son sells and trades online.

Luce said her son posted a new pair on social media just before the break-in.

“Nobody should have the right just to walk into your house like this because they know you have something that you own and got legally and they want to take it illegally,” said Luce’s husband, Mark Toney.

“You won’t do it again. We will find you. Don’t mess with my home,” Luce said in the video.

As for storming social media with her outrage, Luce said that was simply maternal instinct. “You come for me, I’m protecting my children,” she said.

Police said they are investigating. They said the intruder left fingerprints behind.

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