Texas grandmother shoots 12-foot gator who may have eaten miniature horse

LIVINGSTON, Texas (WSVN) — The leader of a Texas town shot down a giant alligator which may have eaten a miniature horse in the area.

In addition to her duties as a grandmother, mayor and avid Astros fan, Judy Cochran can also add alligator hunter to her resume. The leader of Livingston, Texas recently shot a 12 foot, 580 pound alligator that was spotted at her family ranch.

“One shot in the head and he went under,” Cochran said. “Typically they’ll do what they call a death roll and just roll over and over and over. Well, this one didn’t.”

The gator may be responsible for snatching a miniature horse from the ranch. .

“Three years ago we came up missing a miniature horse, they are about so big, about like a big lab,” Cochran said.

The gator is now at the taxidermist, where its head and tail will be mounted, while Cochran will now have an amazing tale to tell at her upcoming class reunion.

“I said, ‘Don’t mess with Nana.’ My grandchildren call me Nana,” Cochran said.

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