Texas girl’s inoperable brain tumor completely disappears

(WSVN) - A young girl who was battling a rare inoperable brain tumor now appears to be cancer-free after her tumor disappeared, leaving doctors confused.

According to KVUE, 11-year-old Roxli Doss was diagnosed in June with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.

“It is very rare, but when we see it, it is a devastating disease,” Dr. Virginia Harrod with Dell Children’s Medical Center. “You have decreased ability to swallow, sometimes vision loss, decreased ability to talk, eventually difficulty with breathing.”

Roxli’s father said doctors at five hospitals, including Johns Hopkins, all agreed that the young girl had the disease.

Despite there being no known cure, Roxli went through weeks of radiation treatment while family members hope and prayed for a cure.

However, the family’s prayers were answered after a scan showed her tumor had disappeared.

“When I first saw Roxli’s MRI scan, it was actually unbelievable,” said Dr. Harrod. “The tumor is undetectable on the MRI scan, which is really unusual.”

Doctors said they don’t know how the tumor disappeared. However, the family is thankful and believe it may have been divine intervention.

“Everyday we still say it,” said Roxli’s mother, Gena. “It’s kind of our family thing that God healed Roxli.”

The parents said doctors double checked her scans to confirm the results. Now, Roxli is being closely monitored and she will continue to undergo treatments, such as immunotherapy, as a precaution.

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