FRISCO, Texas (WSVN) — A Texan man used over 22,000 pennies to pay for a $212 traffic citation, according to a CNN report.

Brett Sanders from Frisco, Texas, was outraged when city police cited him $212 for going nine miles over the legal speed limit. He told CNN, “I thought it was unfair. I did not injure anyone, and I did not endanger anyone.”

In order to express his frustration, he decided to make his payment to the city as inconvenient as possible — he paid the fine in pennies.

Sanders poured the pennies that he received from the bank into two large buckets with the words “Extortion payment” painted on the front. Then, he made sure someone was filming when he dumped the buckets onto a counter at the Frisco Municipal Court.

Once the coins were counted for three hours, it was discovered that Sanders had overpaid $7.81.

According to a spokeswoman for the city, he told them they can keep the change.

The video was posted on YouTube, watch below:


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