Teen with cerebral palsy bullied into being human bridge for classmates

A video showing students bullying a Canadian teen with cerebral palsy into serving as a human bridge has outraged thousands of people around the world.

Video shows 14-year-old Brett Corbett standing in shallow murky water while over a dozen students look  at him from a nearby hill.

Corbett is then seen laying down in the water while a girl steps on his back and jumps across the stream.

According to the Washington Post, a second video shows the other students laughing at the teen and telling him to get back in the water. When he refuses, one of the student responds “Do it, you f—— b—-!”

Since being posted, the video has been seen over 459,000 times.

“He was told if he didn’t get in, he would be thrown in, pushed in, and there was a lot of mocking and comments were made, so he felt he had no choice,” Corbett’s mother Terri McEachern told CBC News. “That kids could just stand there and video and not want to help. There is no compassion in that.”

McEachern said three students stepped on her son.

The Washington Post reports that McEachern didn’t find out about the video until a family friend saw one of the videos making the rounds on Snapchat and Instagram. He then recorded the video himself and shared it with Corbett’s older brother.

McEachern said some of the students involved were only suspended for a day.

Two of the students went to Corbett’s home to apologize in person. CTV News reports that a man also apologized on behalf of his son, reading a letter his son had written in a public meeting about the incident.

According to the Washington Post, McEachern said her son has already forgiven some of the students, saying he hopes his story can make a difference.

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