Teen wakes up from coma speaking fluent Spanish

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. (WSVN) — A Georgia teen who suffered a near-fatal concussion during a soccer game awoke from a coma speaking a different language — Spanish.

According to WSB-TV 2, last month, 16-year-old high school sophomore Reuben Nsemoh was playing goalie for a Gwinnett County-based national team when he dived for the ball, and another player kicked him in the head.

The collision caused Nsemoh to be concussed. He was then airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center, where he spent several days in a coma.

According to the Atlanta-based station, this was Nsemoh’s third concussion.

Nsemoh’s parents told WSB-TV 2 that when their son awoke from the coma, he only spoke in Spanish at first — a language they said he had never spoken fluently before.

The soccer-hopeful is now recovering at his home with his family in Atlanta, where he hopes to make a full recovery.  When he does return, his coach wants Nsemoh and every other goalie to wear a helmet.

The family is trying to raise money for his growing medical bills via GoFundMe.

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