Teacher accused of telling students to hit child with rocks to teach him a lesson

FORREST CITY, Ark. (WSVN) — Police in Arkansas are investigating after a teacher was accused of encouraging students to throw rocks at another child.

According to WHBQ, a teacher at Teach N Tend Daycare told police that she and other workers were outside with kids when she noticed another teacher tell a child to sit down. The four-year-old allegedly picked up some rocks and threw them on the ground.

However, the witness then said that the student’s teacher told other students to throw rocks at the boy to teach him a lesson.

The witness, who no longer works for the daycare, took video of the incident showing several children throwing rocks at the student, as he cries out in pain. She then sent the video to police.

“I observed approximately 6 toddlers throwing rocks at a white male toddler. The toddler is kneed down covering his face crying. A background voice says, ‘He’ll learn to stop, ok that’s enough,'” police wrote, according to WHBQ.

The teacher in question spoke with police, and she told investigators the kids threw rocks all the time. However, she didn’t recall letting someone throw rocks at another child.

The facility’s owner told reporters the police report was filed by a “disgruntled employee,” but referred all other questions to their attorney.

Police said they are conducting an investigation along with the Department of Child Services.

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