Surveillance video shows woman escaping kidnapper by jumping out of car trunk

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WSVN) — A woman in Alabama managed to escape from the trunk of a car after she was kidnapped.

Fox 6 reports that surveillance video from a gas station in Birmingham captured the woman jumping out of a car’s trunk Tuesday night.

The woman ran into the gas station, pleading for help. The owner of the station said the woman told him that her kidnapper took her money, wallet and phone, driving her to several ATMs to withdraw her money. He then forced her into the trunk of the car.

The video showed a black Nissan Altima pulling in to the gas station. The driver briefly entered the store to use its ATM. As he pulled away, the woman managed to make her escape.

The gas station owner called Birmingham Police, who said the woman’s car was found the next morning in an alley.

No arrests have yet been made.

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