Surgeon denies negligence in removing woman’s healthy kidney

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — A South Dakota surgeon is denying that he breached the standard of care when removing an Iowa woman’s healthy kidney instead of her adrenal gland.

The Argus Leader reports that Dr. Scott Baker and The Surgical Institute of South Dakota responded to a lawsuit filed by patient Dena Knapp last month alleging professional negligence. The lawsuit response acknowledged that Baker removed Knapp’s right kidney instead of an adrenal gland and an associated mass during her October 2016 surgery.

Knapp alleges she wasn’t told about the mix-up until after she was released from the hospital.

She developed stage-three kidney disease after the surgery.

Baker and the Sioux Falls surgical center deny breaking the standard of care by removing the kidney, failing to remove the adrenal gland and failing to admit the mistake. They also deny that Knapp suffered damages.

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