SunnyD, the iconic orange drink popularized in the 1990s, is coming back as a vodka seltzer to select Walmarts on Mar. 11 after a successful blind taste test. The vodka seltzer will come in a four-pack with a suggested retail price of $9.99.

The Harvest Hill Beverage Company, the company that owns the drink, said they were inspired by people using the beverage as a mixer.

According to a press release, SunnyD held a blind taste test to try its new Vodka Seltzer and the test confirmed that consumers love the taste and think it’s unique in the hard seltzer category.

Out of all the people that the brand surveyed, 57% of people thought the hard seltzer is better than any hard seltzers they normally drink, 85% of people thought the taste was unique and 87% of people thought the dink was different from other hard seltzers while 72% of people agreed that the beverage was different than any other product on the market.

SunnyD originated in 1963 by two Floridian fathers that thought they could enhance the taste of oranges. The drink grew a dedicated fan base in decades later and in 2017, the beverage company bought SunnyD and renewed its popularity with over 30% growth since 2019.

Each four-pack of the 95-calorie 12oz slim cans is said to bring a bold orange flavor and will consist of 4.5% ABV, be made with real fruit juice, and includes zero grams of sugar. Single cans will also be available to purchase.

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