Stuffed cow saves toddler who bounced out of second-floor window

CHELSEA, Mass. (WSVN) – A stuffed cow is being credited with saving a young boy after he tumbled out of a second-floor window Wednesday in Massachusetts.

Louis Estrada says his 2-year-old nephew was destined to hit the pavement, but instead, the fluffy, over-sized cow broke his fall.

Estrada’s niece and nephew were playing at his home when he suddenly heard screams coming from a bedroom.

“The baby, the baby,” Estrada said he heard. “I didn’t even know what was wrong.”

After investigating the screams, Estrada discovered that his nephew had bounced out of the window and landed 16-feet below… on top of the cow.

The young boy was conscious and alert after the incident and was treated for minor injuries. He was held overnight at Mass General Hospital for evaluation.

There was no immediate word on how the child fell from the window.

Estrada said he’s just thankful his nephew was clutching the cow.