DICKSON, Tenn. (WSVN) — A man’s actions in donating a motorized wheelchair to a complete stranger will restore your faith in humanity.

Susan Scates said on Facebook that she and her son Travis were on the way to visit her ailing mother in Oklahoma when they made a brief stop at a Cracker Barrel in Dickson, Tennessee.

While Travis looked around the store using his manual wheelchair, Scates said a man approached her and asked how Travis likes his wheelchair. Scates said she told the man that they didn’t love it.

The man asked her if she wanted a power chair for Travis, and she responded that that’s what she would like eventually.

Scates soon realized she misunderstood the question and that the man was offering her a motorized chair.

Scates quoted the man as saying, “‘I meant that I’d like to GIVE you a power chair for him. We have a brand new one at the house that was intended for my father-in-law but he never was able to master the control stick. He never used it. I would like for your son to have it.'”

Scates said after hearing such a gesture, she was speechless.

“I told him he couldn’t possibly know what was going on in my life but that God had used him as a blessing to show me at that very minute that He saw me in my grief, that He walked with me and loved me and hadn’t forgotten me,” Scates wrote on Facebook. “He smiled and said, “My wife and I are Christians. God told me to walk over to you and offer the chair. I am just being obedient.”

Scates said the man wrote his information down on a piece of paper and gave it to her and just this past weekend, she took the man up on his offer and picked up the chair.

Scates told WKRN that when Travis found out he was getting a motorized wheelchair, he was ecstatic.

“When we told him he was going to get a power chair, the first question is ‘does it have a jet pack?'” said Scates.

Scates said she is thankful to the man and to God.

“This experience is really more than just getting a chair. It’s even more than independence for T. It’s about the glory of God, His personal interest in His children, His mysterious and miraculous ways,” Scates wrote. “It’s been such a lesson for me about selflessness, obedience, and generosity, giving freely what you have, holding on loosely to things and valuing people more.”

Scates told WKRN she was also able to share the news with her mother before she died, something that meant a lot to her.

Scates said the man wanted to remain anonymous. However, she did say that she hopes he receives a generous blessing as well.

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