Southwest Airlines employee delivers lost luggage to woman fighting cancer

PITTSBURGH (WSVN) — A Southwest Airlines employee went above and beyond to help a passenger fighting cancer be reunited with her misplaced luggage.

Stacy Hurt took to Facebook to share her happiness and her thanks to a Southwest Airlines employee named Sarah.

In her Facebook post, Hurt told the story of how Sarah came to her rescue on July 25.

Hurt said she was flying home from Nashville when her original flight got canceled, so she had to catch another one. However, her luggage was rerouted and did not arrive until after she did.

Inside her luggage, Hurt had medication and items needed for her chemotherapy.

Upon explaining the situation to Sarah, Hurt said the woman personally drove the luggage to her at 3 a.m., along with a note that read, “Sorry for the delay getting your bag to you! Myself & my Southwest family are thinking of you & wishing all the best. Kick that cancer’s BUTT!”

Hurt went on to upload a video Thursday, where she said she had the chance to meet Sarah and thank her in person. She also called Sarah her guardian angel.

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