Snake on a plane captured by flight attendant

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (WSVN) — It was like a scene out of a (bad) movie: a snake was loose in the cabin of a plane.

KTVA reports that the pilot of Ravn Alaska flight 7133 informed passengers that the snake was somewhere aboard the plane about 15 minutes after take-off.

“Almost right away after that announcement a boy who was sitting with his mother in the last row found the snake hidden behind his seat. The flight attendant and the pilot took control over the situation right away,” said Anna McConnaughy, who took photos of the reptile.

Pictures showed a flight attendant handling the snake before placing it into a plastic bag while the flight was mid-air.

Ravn Alaska spokesperson William Walsh said a passenger had violated the airline’s policy by sneaking the snake onto the plane.

“For the purpose of preserving cabin safety for the greater traveling public, Ravn Alaska prohibits all rodents, ferrets, reptiles, snakes, insects or any type of venomous or poisonous creature from being used as an emotional support animal,” Walsh told KTVA.

The flight landed safely in Anchorage. No word on the fate of the snake, or if the passenger responsible for the reptile will face any charges.

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