Sheriff: 15-year-old daughter kills mother’s abusive boyfriend

FOREST CITY, N.C. (WSVN) — A North Carolina sheriff said a 15-year-old girl fatally shot her mother’s abusive boyfriend.

According to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, this incident began when 46-year-old Steven Kelley attacked his girlfriend, Chandra Nierman, and started strangling her while her 12-year-old son and 15 and 16-year-old daughters were home.

Deputies said during the attack, Kelley began yelling that he was going to cut Nierman’s throat and kill everyone in the house.

Nierman’s son then got a gun and gave it to his 15-year-old sister, who then fired two shots, striking Kelley in the chest, killing him.

A bullet also fragmented and hit the 16-year-old in the leg, but she is expected to be OK.

Detectives said an investigation later found that Kelley had threatened Nierman several times in the past, and just days before the attack, he assaulted her and fired several shots in the house to scare her.

Investigators also found out that Kelley was a convicted felon who had two active domestic violence restraining orders on him from two different women in Ohio and Indiana.

Prosecutors determined the shooting was justified and no charges will be filed.

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