Several states propose getting rid of daylight savings time

(WSVN) - Are you tired of having to adjust to Daylight Savings Time? Several states are now proposing getting rid of the change altogether.

According to WIVB, a New York lawmaker has submitted a bill to get rid of Daylight Savings Time. However, New York is not alone in its proposal. A special commission in Massachusetts has examined the possibility of shifting from the Eastern Time Zone to the Atlantic Time Zone, WHDH reports.

The report said shifting times zones could help save energy and decrease seasonal depression, but it also acknowledges the change would cause confusion with neighboring states.

“Any move to year-round (daylight savings time) should be regional, because acting alone would make Massachusetts a significant outlier, and could disrupt commerce, trade, interstate transportation, and broadcasting,” the report said.

Lawmakers in Maine voted earlier this year to adopt Atlantic time if Massachusetts and New Hampshire also did so.

The next time change is scheduled to take place on Sunday, March 11.

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