‘Royal Name Game’ poses potential threat to social media accounts

(WSVN) - An online game that circulated on social media in anticipation to this weekend’s Royal Wedding could have put your personal accounts at risk of being hacked, according to tech experts.

The “Royal Name Game” asked social media users to share their royal name – start with the title Lord/Lady, followed by the name of one of your grandparents, the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on.

According to Fox 19, the widely shared post could pose a threat to anyone who participated.

“If they’re asking you what could be security rated questions like ‘what’s your mother’s maiden name?’ Things that you would get asked that would allow you to perhaps reset a password, login to a system through some alternative approach, they could be taking that information and be attempting to hack into systems with that,” Fox 19 Tech Expert Dave Hatter said.

Hatter also warned the public about websites asking for similar information. “They’re not just creating these things just for fun,” he said. “They have some kind of financial incentive otherwise they wouldn’t be wasting their time on it.”

If you participated in the “Royal Name Game” it’s advised you change your password and check your privacy settings.

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