Report: Drunk man jumps into lion enclosure, attempts to shake hands

HYDERABAD, India–  A park visitor, who was reportedly drunk, has been arrested in India after he was caught on camera trespassing into a lion exhibit at the Nehru Zoo Park in India.

According to The Hindu, the 35-year-old man entered the exhibit that was located more than 12 feet below ground level. He then approached the lions and put his hand out towards the lions to try to shake the lion’s hand.

“He was lucky, as the lions are usually wary of water. Given that these cats are human reared, they are tamer than wild cats and do not see humans as prey. Had it been the tiger’s moat, Mukesh would have become fodder,” said one of the zoo staff.

A crowd of visitors were shouting at the man at an attempt to get him to safety. Zoo officials eventually lowered a long pole for him to climb from while urging him to swim away from the lions.

“Mukesh was lucky that he got away. He was completely drunk when he jumped in,” a zoo official said.

Nobody was injured in this incident, the man was charged under the Wildlife Protection Act.

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