Rare white lion cub born at Texas zoo

KUFKIN, TX (WSVN) — An African lion has given birth to her second cub at a zoo in eastern Texas, but this cub isn’t just your regular cub — she’s the color of snow.

According to officials of the Ellen Trout Zoo of Lufkin, Texas, their female African lion named Adia gave birth to a rare white lion cub on July 15.

Zoo caretakers had feared for this second cub, since Adia was unable to produce milk for her first cub. However. they were happy to report that the little cub was born not only healthy and being reared by her mother, but purely white!

Zoo Curator Celia Falzone contacted the Lion Species Survival Plan (SSP) coordinator in hopes of determining the frequency of white lions.

According to the SSP, there has been one other white lion cub born in a North American zoo. However, this lion reverted to normal coloration when it was about six months old.

Will this lion remain white? Only time will tell, but the cub surely is adorable.

It’s unclear when the cub will be introduced to the public.

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