Police: Texas man avoided paying tolls with ‘license plate flipper’

HOUSTON (WSVN) — A Texas man has been arrested after he was accused of using a “license plate flipper” to avoid paying tolls.

According to the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, deputies arrested 27-year-old Preston Cody Talbot during a traffic stop.

Deputies said Talbot was initially stopped for failing to pay a toll. However, they soon discovered that Talbot was in possession of a license plate flipper that was installed on the back of his vehicle.

“He would activate this device, putting a flipper down in front of his license plate, so the cameras at toll plazas couldn’t read his plate,” Constable Mark Herman told KHOU.

Investigators said that they also found out that Talbot was prohibited from operating a vehicle on the toll road due to failing to pay $5,473 in tolls.

KHOU reports that the devices are illegal in Texas.

Talbot was being held on a misdemeanor charge of possession of a license plate flipper. He has since been released on a $100 bond.

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