Police looking for woman who abandoned newborn baby in Arizona airport bathroom

TUCSON, Ariz. (WSVN) — The Tucson Airport Authority has released a video showing a woman whom they believe to be responsible for leaving a newborn infant in a family restaurant at Tucson International Airport in Arizona on Sunday, Jan. 14.

Authorities are looking for the woman in the video who was wearing a dark coat with a brown bag over her shoulder and carrying a purple neck pillow.

The baby was discovered by an airport employee in a bathroom in a pre-security area, a spokesperson for the airport told Fox News. The baby boy was found cleaned and wrapped up on a changing table at about 9:30 p.m.

The newborn was also left behind with a note that read:

“Please help me.

My mom had no idea she was pregnant. She is unable and unfit to take care of me. Please get me to the authorities so they can find a good home.

I just want what is best for him and it is not me.


I’m sorry.”

Arizona has a “safe haven” law, meaning a newborn — no more than 3 days old — can be left at hospitals, churches, fire houses and similar locations. While the newborn was not left in a designated “safe haven” location, police said she will not face charges since the baby was found unharmed.

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