Police investigating after human feces found in soda cans at European Coca-Cola factory

(WSVN) - Coca-Cola has asked police in Ireland to investigate after human feces were found in some soda cans at a Lisburn factory.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that work stopped at the plant after a container of aluminum cans clogged the machines. That’s when workers discovered that the cans, which were supposed to be empty in order to be filled with soda at the factory, were instead filled with human waste.

“It was absolutely horrible, and the machines had to be turned off for about 15 hours to be cleaned,” a source told the paper.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland confirmed they were investigating the incident, and production at the factory has been suspended.

Coca-Cola issued a statement to the paper, saying, “The problem was identified immediately through our robust quality procedures and all of the product from the affected batch was immediately impounded and will not be sold. This is an isolated incident and does not affect any products currently on sale.”

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