Police help man ace job interview by assisting him with his tie

ST. LOUIS (WSVN) — On their sleeves, it says “To Serve and Protect.” On Monday, that also meant to help tie a Windsor knot.

A Facebook post showing police officers in St. Louis helping a man with a tie before his job interview has gone viral.

Sgt. Howard Marshall and Officer Abenet Carper said they spotted the man at a bus stop.

“He approached us and asked us if we knew how to tie a tie and he was headed for a job interview,” recalled Carper.

Marshall said the request took him back to his childhood.

“And that was the cool thing, my step father died in 2009 and you know, I thought about him while I was doing it. So I thought, ‘Thank you. Thank you for showing me how to do this.'”

The man, identified only as Willie, later told the officers he got the job.

“He did get the job and he got multiple offers from other places too,” Carper said. “We are very delighted about that.”

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