Police department jokingly says it changed patrol cars to read ‘popo’ instead of ‘police’

(WSVN) - A police department toyed with the attempt to reach younger members of its community by changing the text on their cruisers from “police” to “popo” in a Facebook post.

The term “popo” is often used as slang for “police,” and the Bath Township Police Department in Michigan posted the photo of one of their cruisers with the text written on its side.

“So as some of you may have noticed, our page has been pretty helpful in connecting us with our community,” wrote the Bath Township Police Department in a Facebook post. “We’ve found though, that we are still struggling to really reach the younger folk out there.”

“OMG you guys are too funny! That’s a classic! Be safe brothers n sisters out there,” a user wrote.

However, Fox News reported that another user did not take too kindly to the post.

“What the hell is the world coming to? So now the disrespect is on the side of the cars rolling up and down the street. You treat disrespect with this. Smh,” a user  wrote.

The police department eventually followed up with the post in a reply, saying “Photoshop does wonders.”

Officials then posted an image in the comments section of their cruisers’ current design to prove they have indeed not changed the text to “popo.”

“For those of you upset about us putting ‘slang’ on the car or for ‘wasting taxpayers money,’ we wanted to let you know that the photo was made as a joke. Our cars still, and always will, say Police,” the department said.


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