Police chase comes to crashing halt after driver flips parked SUV

LIBERTY, Mo. (WSVN) — A wild police chase in Missouri came to a crashing conclusion when the suspect crashed into a family’s parked SUV, flipping it upside down.

Clay County Sheriff’s deputies started their pursuit early Tuesday morning, following a man driving with an expired temporary tag. But the chase ended after the driver hit a hill and went airborne, flipping the parked SUV upside down, and landing on top of it. The car also damaged a portion of a home’s roof.

“To make it even more bizarre, the driver gets out of the vehicle and runs up on the roof,” said Jon Bazzano with the sheriff’s office.

Neighbor Jay Cantrell, 93, ran out once he heard the crash occur at 1 a.m. on his usually-quiet street.

“It was the funniest thing. I was dreaming that I was seeing smoke. And when I got here and looked, I was seeing smoke!” he told Fox 4.

The homeowners whose SUV was totaled in the crash said they spotted a car seat in back of the driver’s vehicle. Investigators told reporters they found drug paraphernalia in the car as well.

The driver went to the hospital, but was in the county jail by Tuesday afternoon. Investigators still haven’t released the driver’s name or charges against him.

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