Pit bull credited with helping to rescue elderly woman in pond

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (WSVN) — A Georgia woman is crediting her pit bull’s instincts with saving an elderly woman who was stuck in a pond.

Abby Leathers took to Instagram to tell the story of how her pit bull Bruce saved the woman’s life. Leathers said Bruce started scratching at the door of their house, desperate to get out. His whines soon became more insistent.

Leathers said the whining was out of character for Bruce, but she eventually got up to take him for a walk. She said as soon as she opened the door, the dog took off.

“Once the door was open, Bruce bolted to the right side of my house towards the small pond,” Leathers said. “I followed him as quickly as I could only to find him at the edge of the pond. Just beyond him, in the water, was a half-naked, elderly woman.”

Leathers said she rushed to help the woman, and took her back to her home where she clothed her and tried to communicate with her.

“Despite my best attempts, I could not discern what language she was using, her name, where she lived or anything useful,” Leathers said. “She kept motioning to her ears so I assumed she was deaf or hearing impaired.”

Leathers called police while Bruce stood by, watching over the woman. Police told Leathers that the woman’s family had reported her missing.

The woman was eventually reunited with her family, who thanked Leathers. However, Leathers gave the credit to Bruce.

“I would never have known she was out there, she could have frozen, she could have drowned. Thanks to Bruce she got to go home,” Leathers told Fox 5.

Leathers says she rescued Bruce from a shelter, and hopes his heroics help put pit bulls in a positive light.

“I wish people gave the breed a chance because everyone needs a hero. If it helps a pit bull get adopted, if it saves a pit bull’s life, I’ll tell Bruce’s story until I’m blue in the face,” said Abby.

According to WTSP, Bruce is actually named after Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman.

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