HAMPTON BEACH, N.H. — Viewers tuning in to a live broadcast from Hampton Beach got more than just a glimpse of the ocean waves on Tuesday. A seagull took center stage as it photobombed the live shot intended to capture the vibrant beach scene.

A Manchester television station aimed to provide real-time footage of the coastal atmosphere captured a seagull as it swooped in and perched itself directly in front of the live camera, stealing the spotlight.

The feathered intruder seemed undeterred by the commotion caused by its unexpected appearance and newfound fame. Maintaining a steady pose, the seagull effortlessly photobombed the shot, garnering extensive air time and leaving viewers in fits of laughter and amazement.

While the intended beach scene eventually resumed its position in the frame, the memory of the audacious seagull will undoubtedly linger in the minds of the countless viewers who witnessed the hilarious incident through their screens.

So, the next time you head to the beach, keep your eyes peeled – you never know when a photobombing seagull might swoop in to steal the show.

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