PGA Tour sends $154K prize money to Florida teacher with same name as professional golfer

(WSVN) - A Florida teacher checked his bank account, only to find $154,000 deposited in golf tournament winnings. Just one problem: the money was meant for an English professional golfer with his same name.

Thomas Fleetwood, 58, received the sizable sum in his Wells Fargo account Friday night.

“It just said, ‘Wire Transfer,’ so I had no clue what in the world it was,” Thomas told

The money, it turns out, was supposed to be deposited into pro golfer Tommy Fleetwood’s account for his 12th place finish at the British Open in July, CNBC reports.

But a clerical error by the European PGA tour sent the prize money to the Florida man’s account instead.

Thomas, a teaching pro and caddie, says he played a tournament back in 1989 in an attempt to get on the European senior tour, which would account for the organization having his bank account information.

Meanwhile, the pro golfer, who has won over $8 million over the past two years, admitted to reporters that he hadn’t noticed the missing cash. “It’s just something I don’t really look at, but I’ll get on top of that,” he said.

A friend of Thomas posted a photo of his bank transaction details to Twitter, saying it was a good thing his friend was an “honest guy.”