Pair of extremely rare white giraffes captured on camera

For the first time ever, a pair of extremely rare white giraffes were captured on video in Kenya.

According to Fox News, the mother and child giraffe have a condition called lueucism, which prevents pigmentation in skin cells and causes skin to turn white and pale.

According to a blog post from the conservancy, this was the first time the white giraffes had been spotted by a number of the community rangers.

The giraffes were spotted walking around the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy in Kenya’s Garissa county.

“The mother kept pacing back and forth a few yards in front of us while signaling the baby giraffe to hide behind the bushes,” the conservancy said in the post.

This is the first time the giraffes are believed to have been captured on video.

Fox News reports that white giraffes have been seen twice before in January 2016 at the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania and in March of 2016 at Ishaqbini Conservancy in Kenya.

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