Over $140K raised for Facebook live beating victim

CHICAGO (AP) — An online effort to raise money for a mentally disabled man whose beating was broadcast live on Facebook in Chicago has brought in more than $140,000.

The GoFundMe campaign called “Let’s show the Chicago victim love” had a goal of $10,000. As of Monday afternoon, the account has reached over $145,000.

Four black suspects are facing charges of battery, kidnapping and hate crimes in connection with the attack on the 18-year-old victim. The suspects — two men and two women — are black and the victim is white. The suspects are being held without bond.

Authorities say the victim was tied up for several hours. Video footage shows the assailants taunting him with profanities against white people and President-elect Donald Trump.

A GoFundMe spokesman confirmed the victim’s family is working with the company on the campaign, and said all proceeds would go to his care.

The family, through a spokesman, has declined to comment on the attack, but released a statement, saying, “We are so extremely grateful for the support and generosity from everyone. We cannot put into words how touching and encouraging it is to Austin and our family to see what great hearts so many people have.”

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