Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend

(WSVN) - The National Weather Service says the Orionid meteor shower will peak this weekend, with up to 20 meteors visible each hour!

The shower is expected to peak before dawn on Saturday and meteors will be visible in the sky through Sunday.

Outside of the peak period, viewers may still be able to spot a few Orionids all the way through Nov. 7, according to the NWS.

For the best possible visibility, viewers are encouraged to find areas that provide complete darkness.

They will burst in the sky as streaks of light in all directions. The ideal time to head out for the shower is after sundown, in the early morning hours of Saturday.

The Orionids are named after the constellation Orion, where they seem to have originated from.

Orion is one of the easiest constellations to locate. The most ideal way to spot it is to focus your eyes on the southwest sky and search for Orion’s belt, which consists of three bright stars in almost a straight line. Orion’s club can then be spotted by looking up.