Oreo just released its first-ever chocolate candy bar

(WSVN) - Oreo chocolate candy bars are real and they’ll be stocked in your local grocery store’s candy aisle soon because #America.

In a world of Double Stuff Oreos, Golden Oreos, Birthday Cake Oreos and every other flavor of Oreo cookie imaginable, America needs an Oreo candy bar. And thankfully, they’re here.

Thanks to a collaboration with Oreo and European chocolate company Milka, an inside-out Oreo stuffed inside a rectangle of German milk chocolate will be a reality in 2017.

The candy bars will be available in two varieties:

  • Milka Oreo Big Crunch Chocolate Candy Bar: A milk chocolate bar filled with a solid layer of Oreo cookie sandwiched between Oreo creme.
  • Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar: A milk chocolate bar filled with vanilla creme and chunks of Oreo cookie.

According to Oreo, the bars are currently only available in limited areas. However, expect national distribution to come in Jan. 2017.

This combo is worthy of an Oscar. (See below).


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