(CNN) — Marion City firefighters stumbled upon a hidden time capsule while retrieving the cornerstone from their retired fire station before its scheduled demolition. The unassuming copper container, believed to have been sealed over a century ago, yielded a treasure trove of artifacts, providing a captivating glimpse into life in 1905.

Among the remarkable finds inside the time capsule was a well-preserved roster of city officials, newspapers, and a contract to build the station.

A flyer for the Second Annual Fire Department Ball was also discovered, shedding light on the social gatherings and celebrations that brought the community together in the early 20th century. The intricately designed invitation reminded the community of the rich history of camaraderie among firefighters.

To ensure the preservation and public accessibility of these invaluable historical artifacts, the Marion County Historical Society has been entrusted with their safekeeping where the artifacts will be carefully maintained by the society until the construction of the new fire station is completed.

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