Nurses grant dying man his final wish: a cigarette and glass of wine

(WSVN) - Nurses at a Denmark hospital granted a man his last dying wish, even if it meant breaking hospital protocol.

Carsten Flemming Hansen, 75, checked himself into the Aarhus University hospital after feeling ill. That’s when doctors gave him heartbreaking news: he was terminally ill. They said he had an aortic aneurysm and internal bleeding, but was too sick for surgery.

Once he was told it was only a matter of days, or even just hours, until he died, Hansen made a final request: he wanted a cigarette and a glass of wine.

The hospital does not allow smoking on its grounds, so Hansen’s nurses decided to defy the rules and wheeled him out to a balcony, giving the dying man the chance to smoke his last cigarette and drink a glass of wine while watching the sunset with his family.

It seems the hospital ended up being okay with their staff breaking the rules, since they shared the story on Facebook. Their post has since received over 60,000 likes.

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