Nurse delivers her own baby in hospital parking lot

MECHANICSBURG, Penn. (WSVN) — A nurse in Pennsylvania put her medical knowledge to use… by delivering her own baby just outside the very hospital where she works.

Katie Michael’s water broke on October 27, and she and her husband got stuck in rush hour traffic on the way to the hospital.

“It was about 25-30 minutes after my water broke that she decided she was ready to be here,” she said. “I knew that she was going to be born in the car because she started coming out.”

While her husband George ran inside looking for help, Katie gave birth in the car to their little bundle of joy.

Though she has worked in various parts of the hospital, Katie hadn’t worked in the labor and delivery unit before.

“I do a lot of the units in the hospital but L&D is not one of them,” she said. “They’re all kind of joking that, you know now I can add L&D you know since I was my own L&D nurse.”

The family welcomed their 7-pound, 8-ounce daughter, Ella Katherine, who they say is healthy and happy.

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