Nobody is running for mayor in New Hampshire town

KEENE, NH (WSVN) — A New Hampshire town could have Nobody on the ballot during the general elections.

That’s if a resident in the City of Keene gets his way.

The computer programmer-turned activist legally changed his name to Nobody several months ago.

“I made it because I intended to run for office, and there’s a lot of jobs in government nobody should do,” he said.

He’s running as a libertarian and anarchist.

“What I’d like to do in any political position is as little as possible and by that I mean shrink the government down as much as I can,” Nobody continued.

As an activist, Nobody actively fought to legalize pot.

He said his wife died of cancer without the benefit of medical marijuana.

Nobody has also been arrested by Keene Police 11 times at protests.

“There was one arrest which was by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, and believe it or not, they came to arrest me for a pound of weed,” he said.

He admits it’s a long shot for him to win the primary election, as he’s going against two city councilors, but he already has a back up plan.

“I think if I don’t get mayor, I’m going to run for governor tomorrow,” Nobody said.

The two candidates with the most votes will square off in November’s general election for mayor.

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