Newlywed bitten by shark during Bahamas honeymoon

(WSVN) - A woman on her honeymoon in the Bahamas was bitten by a shark as she swam in the water, and her husband caught the terrifying moment on camera.

Sarah Illig told Inside Edition that she and her husband Evan got married three weeks ago in South Carolina. The newlyweds were on an excursion where tourists pay to swim with sharks.

That’s when the couple says a 5-foot-long nurse shark clamped down on her arm.

“It felt like five or six hands were grabbing into the side of my arm and squeezing it as hard as they could,” she told Inside Edition. “The bite was only a second long but only a half a second later my mind processed it and I realized that it hurt.”

While nurse sharks are not known to be dangerous, they can occasionally become aggressive if provoked.

Illig says she feels lucky to still have her arm after the frightening encounter.

“We had to leave it untreated for an hour or so, just to get back to where we were going before we could get it treated. That was the most painful simply because it was an opened flesh wound,” she added.

After getting her arm patched up, Illig says she and her husband returned home three days later.

“Ended the honeymoon with a bang (bite),” she wrote of the incident in a Facebook post. “Check out the surprise and very rare nurse shark bite in the video and don’t forget the volume to hear the crunchhhh.”

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