MIAMI (WSVN) - As the nation approaches the fall season, health experts are sounding the alarm and urging the public to take preventative measures against a looming triple threat of respiratory illnesses.

With autumn fast approaching, health officials are emphasizing that relying solely on the flu shot will not suffice in the battle against infections this year. In response to changing patterns, they now recommend adding two more shots to the list of precautions.

“We see changing patterns of people going back to school and being indoors in close proximity to others, and that is what usually kicks off respiratory virus season,” noted epidemiology professor Anne Rimoin.

Over the next few months, health experts anticipate the circulation of three major respiratory viruses: the flu, COVID-19, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). While the flu and RSV may present as cold-like symptoms, in rare cases, they can lead to severe lung infections.

Doctors stress that vaccination is key to protecting yourself from this trifecta of respiratory threats.

Former Senior White House Coronavirus Response Task Force member Dr. Deborah Birx commented on the situation in an NPR interview.

“We’ve never gotten to zero; the hospital admissions have never gotten to zero, and now we’re living in a bit of a fantasy world where we’re pretending that COVID is not relevant,” she stated.

While an updated COVID-19 vaccine is already in the works and expected next month, shots for the flu and RSV are readily available.

South Florida residents have varying opinions on the new recommendations.

Kari McWhorter is against getting all three shots and she believes getting all the vaccinations are not necessary.

“I believe that more than the flu shot is not necessary for a healthy adult, but for a person who is elderly or over 75 years old, they may need it because they have an immune system that’s weak.”

In contrast, Zo Aristil, who agrees with getting all three shots, emphasized the safety it can bring to the community.

“You don’t want to be in somebody’s hospital, and you don’t know the outcome. So you want to make sure that we get those things out of the way, so therefore you’ll be in a better spot,” he stated.

The quest for triple protection against these respiratory illnesses continues, with the new COVID booster expected to be available in mid-September. Health officials remain committed to ensuring public safety and minimizing the impact of these viruses as the fall season approaches.

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