New glasses help baby see dad for the first time after he returns from deployment

(WSVN) - A baby boy got the chance to see his father clearly for the first time thanks to his new glasses, and the adorable moment was caught on camera.

Captain Brandon Caldwell with the United States Air Force had just returned home from a two-month deployment in Antarctica, Fox News reports.

The family said 9-month-old Reagan has suffered from a number of problems after developing Group B Strep, or GBS, soon after he was born. Complications including meningitis and sepsis developed, and the newborn ended up in the pediatric intensive care unit. He was later declared legally blind, and started wearing the glasses soon after his father went on deployment.

Reagan’s mother, Amanda, took the video of their happy reunion.

“This was the hardest deployment yet by far and you can see how hard it was for Brandon to be away from Reagan by the emotion he showed when he finally had him in his arms again,” Amanda said. “Reagan did not skip a beat and is loving having daddy back home.”

Amanda posted the video to Facebook, saying, “It’s obvious in this video he loves his daddy.”

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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