NASA has unveiled an extraordinary opportunity for education and community organizations — the chance to receive a tangible piece of space exploration history.

As part of the Artemis I mission conducted in late 2022, tree seeds journeyed around the Moon and are now being distributed as seedlings to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) engagement.

These unique seedlings, known as Artemis Moon Trees, were derived from five different species including sycamores, sweetgums, Douglas-firs, loblolly pines, and giant sequoias. Their journey spanned 40,000 miles beyond the Moon on NASA’s Artemis I mission, encapsulating the spirit of exploration. Approximately 2,000 seeds were transported to space as part of this endeavor.

NASA has partnered with the USDA Forest Service to administer the distribution of these seedlings to various organizations. Schools, libraries, museums, science centers, and other educational entities engaging with students or the public are encouraged to apply for a Moon Tree seedling through NASA’s Artifact Module.

Both formal and informal K-12-serving institutions, universities, community organizations, museums, and science centers, as well as government organizations, are eligible to apply. The goal is to create new avenues for communities to connect with space exploration, inspiring curiosity and learning.

The application period remains open until Friday, October 6. For details on eligibility and application guidelines, click here.

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