Nanny camera captures nursing home employees abusing 93-year-old patient

NEAR BOSTON (WSVN) — A Massachusetts family was appalled to discover a 93-year-old family member with dementia was being abused two employees in a nursing home.

The victim’s family made the disturbing discovery after installing a nanny camera in her room. Loved ones were horrified to see how their great-grandmother was being treated at the Boston area facility.

“They actually pull her hair and her neck is catapulted back, and she can’t catch her balance,” said the victim’s granddaughter Kristin.

Since the incident, officials say both employees have been fired and are now facing charges. In a statement, the nursing home says in part: “Upon hearing this deeply upsetting news, we moved swiftly to terminate the two employees involved, conduct a full investigation and work with the authorities. We have brought in a counselor to support the resident and family and are re-educating all of our staff on appropriate and compassionate patient care.”

The 93-year-old has since been removed from the home.

The workers now face charges of assault and battery on a person over the age of 60.

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