Mother who gave birth in Burger King bathroom while overdosing turns life around

A woman who made headlines after she gave birth in the bathroom of a Burger King while she was overdosing on drugs is now in the process of turning her life around.

According to WSYX, 26-year-old Elizabeth Sanders has been drug free for over four months and is now working to regain custody of her three children, including her newborn baby boy, Elias.

Sanders gave birth to Elias on Aug. 3 while she was in the bathroom of a Burger King. She said she was so high at the time, she didn’t even know she’d given birth.

“I kind of remember that I had an urge to go to the bathroom and then that was it,” Sanders told WSYX.

Sanders was eight months pregnant at the time, and she and her boyfriend had snorted heroin and Xanax. Both Sanders and her son were saved by first responders.

Three days after the incident, Sanders went into a detox center and is now drug free. Her boyfriend was also arrested that day after he passed out in the parking lot.

Sanders’ mother has temporary custody of Elias and her older son. Her daughter is staying with her biological father.

However, Sanders is now working to get her children back as she says she and her boyfriend are now drug free and the baby is healthy.

She is trying to get her degree and she wants to go into counseling to help other young women struggling with addiction.

“Giving Elias the opportunity to have a sober mom, his whole life. I haven’t ever been able to do that,” said Sanders. “If I don’t keep my recovery first, I’m not going to have my kids anyway. You have to make that your top priority.”

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