Mother tragically killed after pushing her 7-year-old daughter to safety

MERIDEN, CT (WSVN) — They say mothers would risk their lives to save their children, and that’s exactly what one mother in Connecticut did.

According to FOX 61, 40-year-old Dania Cedeno-Delrosario saved her 7-year-old daughter Denisse’s life by pushing her out of the way moments before she was fatally struck in a hit-and-run in Meriden, Connecticut.

Police said she and her daughter were crossing Springdale Avenue at around 8:30 p.m., Friday, when suddenly they were confronted by a speeding vehicle that wouldn’t slow down.

Cedeno-Delrosario immediately pushed her daughter out of the way to safety before being hit, sending her body flying, ultimately getting pinned under a parked car, said police.

Denisse’s father told police, “She [Denisse] tells me, ‘Dad I was unconscious for two seconds. When I woke up and saw that my mother wasn’t opening her eyes, I went to look for my grandma.’ She said, ‘Grandma! Grandma! We had an accident and mom won’t open her eyes.'”

“I could see the grandma on the first floor screaming and screaming and banging her face,” said the family’s landlord Caterina DelMaria. “The little girl told the cops her mom pushed her out of the way.”

Cedeno-Delrosario was immediately rushed to a hospital where she later succumbed to her severe injuries.  Denisse was hospitalized with minor injuries. She has since been released.

According to police, the driver responsible fled the scene but left behind a mirror and casing that may match a Nissan.

Police are currently asking for any witnesses to come forward.

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