Mother gets evicted, accused of abandoning babies in apartment

HOUSTON (WSVN) – A mother is under investigation after being accused of leaving her two babies in an apartment complex following her eviction.

According to WTSP, court documents state 22-year-old Kerri Green was evicted from her home in Houston on March 23 and given prior notice. It is unclear when she left.

An apartment manager reportedly went inside Green’s home on April 23 to make sure she left and found two infants inside.

WTSP said the manager found a 10-month-old girl and 2-year-old boy inside a small crib, wrapped in blankets. Police were called, and the children were taken to a hospital.

Green was arrested Tuesday.

Since the two children were taken to the hospital, it’s unclear if the children will be given to a family member or with Child Protective Services.

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