(CNN) — Toyota is recalling 381,000 Tacoma pickups because bolts in the rear axle could loosen and fall off, which could eventually allow part of the rear axle to detach.

It’s unclear exactly how many trucks have been affected, but in at least some of these trucks, metal from welding spattered onto areas where bolts needed to be tightened down. The extra metal underneath the bolts might have prevented themfrom being fully secured during factory assembly and, over time, they could vibrate loose and even come off altogether. This could allow axle-shaft sub-assemblies to come loose.

As these nuts begin to loosen, drivers could experience vibrations and noises. Oil might begin to leak from the truck’s rear differential underneath the vehicle, according to Toyota. If the axle shafts separate, the vehicle could become unstable and the brakes won’t work as well resulting in an increased crash risk, Toyota said.

Toyota declined to say whether any accidents or injuries have resulted from this issue.

The trucks involved are model year 2022 and 2023 Tacoma pickups. Owners of recalled trucks will receive letters advising them to take their truck to a Toyota dealer to have the rear axle inspected and the nuts retightened if necessary. Letters will be sent out to owners by late April, Toyota said.

Toyota recently recalled 280,000 trucks and SUVs for a different issue that resulted in trucks “creeping” forward when put in neutral. The vehicles involved in that recall were Toyota’s large Tundra pickup and Sequoia and Lexus LX 600 large SUVs. Late last year, Toyota recalled 1 million vehicles for a sensor issue that could make airbags deploy when they shouldn’t.

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